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Buying BeerSmith Mobile - Google Play vs Amazon


Sep 8, 2013
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I want to buy BeerSmith Mobile as a gift to my brother, but Google Play gift cards are not supported in my area. Is Amazon a good alternative? Will he still be able to install it on both his phone and tablet (like I could when I bought my copy via Google Play)? Will he need to keep the Amazon software installed after he installs BeerSmith?

Thanks in advance!
  I have a slight preference for Amazon since it allows you to install both to a kindle or Android device.  However to use any Amazon app on a regular Android device you do need to install the Amazon app store first - as it controls licensing.  So you need the Amazon store app before you can purchase/use it on a regular Android device.

  If you are not worried about the kindle then the regular Google Play store will work fine - it works on just about any Android device except for the kindles.

Thanks Brad, but I already bought it through Amazon a couple of days ago.

Now, to those who have the same dilemma, I highly recommend avoiding the Amazon store like the plague. Buying the gift card was the easy part, but then I discovered that my brother doesn't have an Amazon account. No problem, right? Wrong. To make things easy for him and still have any semblance of this being a gift, I decided to do the registration for him. Unfortunately this required many more steps than I remembered and providing a lot of mandatory information than I wanted to share (including a credit card number). Eventually I ended up in a situation where I finished registering and had the application bought, but since I did it through website rather than the AppStore (like I frequently do with Google Play), the program didn't show up as available for download. The result was that the gift card was consumed, but the AppStore still showed a [$7.99] button as if I didn't purchase the software. It took me a long time to figure out that if I click this button it doesn't purchase again. At this stage I still had my credit card linked to my brother's new Amazon account, so I unlinked the card and decided it's safe enough to click this button. After clicking, the button changed to [Download] and I was able to get the software and install it. But all in all it was a really bad user experience.

I should have just temporarily linked my credit card to my brother's Google account and purchase it this way. Far less steps, and my brother (who doesn't own or plan to own a Kindle) wouldn't need to install another AppStore just to get a single application to run. Live and learn.