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BYO and recipe conversion problems


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Jun 8, 2008
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Not trying to hammer BYO, hell I just renewed my subscription but I'm wondering about some of their recipes. 

specifically, I recently attempted one of the Porters out of the 150 beer clones.  I didn't have time to adjust the recipe as needed by entering it into BS first so I kind of had to wing it at the LHBS.  When I did enter what I got into BS my color was no where near dark enough to be a porter.  It was more of a Brown than anything.  So, out of curiosity I entered the recipe into BS exactly as they have it in the magzine and still, way short of a porter as far as color goes.  I brewed the recipe and sure enough, BS had it right and BYO was wrong. 

Fast forward a little, and I went to make one of the amber beers in the same magazine.  Same problem, given the recipe they have, it is way short of the color it needs to be.  This time I was able to make the adjustments to fix the problem and my recipe is now something based on one of theirs not the exact recipe (I like it better that way anyway)

Also, that particular recipe is for the Breckenridge Avalanche Ale.  Interesting side note is that the recipe published in the 150 beer clones mag is different than the one published in the 2002 issue of BYO where they first published a recipe for that beer.  Kind of strange?

Finally, I noticed that these color issues are both from beers that were published as mainly extract with grain, not all grain.  I'm wondering if something is getting lost or something isn't being looked at very carefully when they make their suggestions on how to convert their extract recipes to all grain recipes?

Anybody else ever notice this?