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Changing hop utilization rates for different hop additions


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Apr 20, 2009
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Is there any way to adjust the utilization rates for some additions? I have a 15bbl Specific and I get lab analysis quarterly. So I can use my helles which only has 90 min boil hop addition to adjust the utilization for my system to get the appropriate bitterness for the boil.

I have backed out utilization for the WP additions on my other beers.

But when I plug in WP hops in BS2 the ibus are way too low. Is there anyway to juice the utilization of these additions? Or a workaround anyone has found?


Grandmaster Brewer
Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
At this point, there isn't a direct way to to show whirlpool utilization. I think it may be part of a future update, since the topic has recently become popular. I'm not even sure that whirlpool utilization is covered in production management programs like Orchestrated.

My workaround is kind of clumsy, but it works for lab analysis.

I design in the whirlpool hops as a 20 minute addition to get their IBU contribution. That recipe is printed and saved in the master recipe binder, with the note of those hops being for whirlpool, but noted for IBUs.  I use the master recipe numbers for comparing to lab analysis.

The recipe used for the brew house has those hops as an aroma addition (steeped, whirlpooled, whatever...) to cover the correct procedure. I don't care if the IBUs are perfect on those logs, since I can't measure them.