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Checking in from just North of Portland Oregon!


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Dec 25, 2010
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St Helens, Oregon
Hey there everybody! My wife is awesome and bought me my first brew kit for Christmas! Along with it is a recipe box with all the ingredients I need to brew up an extract IPA. This will be the first beer I ever brew so I'm doing a little research about techniques and such with a target brew date of New Years Day! A new year... A new hobby... Hopefully, it starts off without leaving (too much of) a bad taste in my mouth.  ;)

I've enjoyed beer for some years now and have been pretty active over at BeerAdvocate (same user name) for about a year now. A fellow BA and personal friend pointed me here to BeerSmith to do my research and pick up tips as I take another step in the wonderful world of beer. I just know that this is going to be great fun. Looking forward to getting to know folks here and learning a lot. Have a Merry Christmas all!