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Closed Loop Butane Hop Extract

hoppy guy

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Dec 4, 2013
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I recently ran a lb of cascade hops through my closed-loop butane extraction system and and the result was absolutely phenomenal.  A mostly golden oily residue with just a hint of green was the result.  All of the terpenes and aromatic hydrocarbons (smelly stuff) were preserved and concentrated beautifully. I think it smells better than the fresh hops I started with.  It works way better than the CO2 extraction method because the temperatures and pressures are much lower so very little (if any) alteration of the chemical compounds occurs.  Also, because its at closed-loop system, the volatile aromatics cannot escape so are trapped in the extract and the butane is retained for use, over and over again.  Ive been giving it out to all my brewer friends and people are going nuts over it.  If anyone wants to try some or get their own extractor... Email me Kevin@dolansgreensolutions.com.