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For Sale Complete All-Grain Electric Homebrewing System For Sale


Aug 21, 2022
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Holland, Michigan USA
Total Price: $2,700 (If purchased as new today, the total cost would be over $4,500.)

My need to downsize is a great opportunity for you to upgrade! All equipment is in excellent, very clean condition. This would also be perfect for a brewery test lab system.

2016 Blichmann 240V/30A Electric BrewEasy 5 Gallon System with NEW RipTide Brewing Pump
Includes Electric Tower of Power Temperature Control Module with Command Stand, BoilCoil electric immersion heater, Therminator Plate Chiller with mounting bracket and cooling water hoses, heavy-duty BoilerMaker brew kettles, BrewMometers on both kettles, AutoSparge lauter tun level control, BrewEasy adapter lid kit, HopBlocker boil kettle filtration system, connection hoses and fittings with upgraded stainless steel quick-disconnects, custom built cart with casters, all operation, assembly and maintenance manuals.

2018 Ss Brewtech 7-gallon Conical Stainless Steel Temperature Controlled Unitank Fermenter
Includes digital heating/cooling control, heating belt with neoprene insulating jacket, 8” top cap with stainless steel chiller coil, additional 8” top cap with 1-1/2” stir port, stainless steel butterfly valves, pressure relief valve, blow-off cane, sampling valve, carbonation stone with ball valve, (2) 90 deg. elbows, sight glass, thermowell, Blichmann ThruMometer inline thermometer to monitor wort transfer temperature into the fermenter, keg fill hose, CO2 connection hose, extra seals and o-rings, clean-in-place (CIP) micro spray ball with hoses, quick-connect hose fittings and tri-clamp fittings for all attachments, leg extensions, custom built cart, assembly and operation manuals.

Additional Included Equipment
Blichmann Oxygen Flow Regulator with oxygen tank and hoses for oxygenating the wort
Martini/Milwaukee Instruments pH56 pocket-size pH Meter w/new electrode, solutions for storage and calibration
Apera Instruments Model 801 Magnetic Stirrer with 2000 mL beaker for yeast starters

Can provide additional photos upon request.

Selling as a complete system only. Located in Holland, Michigan. Prefer you pick up here but will consider providing delivery and equipment familiarization training at your location if within reasonable distance. May require additional cost for travel expenses. Payment methods accepted are cash or PayPal.

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