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Craft Beer & Homebrewing News at alehunders.com


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Jan 21, 2016
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We have just launched a new website at www.alehunters.com where you can find all the latest craft beer and homebrewing news, aggregated from a variety of popular online sources. Users can like, bookmark or mark as read the articles, and filter them by source. Check it out an let me know any comments/suggestions, or sources you would like to see added. Thanks!


Greetings geobotsar - looks like you have a very resourcefully website happening.  It?s packed with a variety of what seems to be good information.  However, might I recommend adding a search engine?

If I?m looking for something specific, I would visit your website to try and find it, but I don?t have the time to sort through the countless postings and links.  A search feature would be helpful.  Just a thought.

Good luck!