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Custom Reports on BS3 --SOLVED--


Jun 10, 2011
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I'm trying to move everything over from BS2 to 3. One thing I can't do is install my custom reports. I have moved them to the beersmith documents location under \Reports but they are not picked up within BeerSmith.

I am going to guess that they are only picked up from the program files folder structure (based on another thread on this forum). This is a problem for me since I am on a work computer and the c:\ drive is locked down to administrators. I can log a call to have them moved there but it will be unworkable to make any changes to the templates once there. But then I can only guess since I have no access

Am I missing something? .htm and .css file moved to \Reports under my beersmith documents directory. I have validated that it is the correct location under File>Change BeerSmith Document Directory (I did not change it, only verified the location then cancelled). I'm on version 3.0.8 on Windows 7.

Sorted. Added via Tools>Options>Reports. Even picked up the css file. Can't remember doing that in BS2, but then that's my memory.

Would be nice if the import BS2 folder picked up the reports too.

Thanks for the great software.