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Developing a profile for the Anvil 6.5G Brewing System - Part 2


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Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
For purposes of the equipment profile, I now have the information needed to set up the basic information required. 

My batch size is 10 liters

The weight of the system is 2.495 kg.  While this is immaterial to the strike temperature since I will not be using the ?adjust temp for equip? feature, it is good to have a relatively close estimate.

I plan right now on leaving 1.6 liters behind in the kettle when I transfer the wort based upon my filling and draining the system several times during the measurement and confirmation of volume markings, so that figure becomes my loss to trub and chiller.

The Anvil Foundry is essentially all stainless steel which puts the starting specific heat at 0.12 Cal/g-Deg C. 

I will use the data provided by Anvil on the boil off rates for both the 120v and 240v profiles. So that is 1.89 lph and 3.79 lph respectively for hourly boil off rate.  These will be updated based upon my actual results once I have a few brews under my belt.

My planned boil time has been 90 minutes, and for right now I will keep it that way.  I use boil time adjustment to account for the relationship between gravity from the mash and efficiency.  As the gravity goes up, the mash efficiency will drop slightly.  By adjusting the boil time down for low gravity beers, I can hold the mash efficiency very consistent.
Measuring the dead space under the grain basket, I got 3.29 liters.  I add this in mostly if there is a need to convert to a sparge step so that the water in intimate contact with the grain at all times does not dip below 1.25 qts/lb (2.6 l/kg).

Now for one of the more controversial aspects.  I use a thermal expansion figure of 2.2% for the calculations.  First, I do my measurement of volume collected during the mash after the grain has been removed and the temperature is heading up to boil.  This corresponds to a temperature of around 70C or 158F.    I am not sure if I will add a mash out step or not, but if I do, I will adjust the expansion coefficient to 2.7%. 

Lastly, I had very little idea on where to set the brew house efficiency.  Checking with some of the others on the Anvil Brewing System facebook group, the responses seemed to group in the 72% to 74% range for mash efficiency.  Targeting 74% for mash profile, and knowing that I was going to leave 1.6 liters and end up with

So this then becomes the initial equipment profile for the 6.5G Anvil brewing system:


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