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Dissapearing recipes


Dec 8, 2014
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I have been using beersmith for many years now, however i just opened it up to plug in my OG of the latest batch and all of my recipes appear gone, however something is still there, when i click on sample recipes it shows the recipe but no list like the attatched file.

I have tried deleting the newopts14 file however that is not working.

Running windows 7, 64bit


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But will updating save my recipes? And soudnt the software still work ? It has worked fine until this incident.
Its been a long time, and my memory is failing, but I have all my recipes from my whole history with BeerSmith so the update I did must have worked fine.
BeerSmith 1.4 used the directory /Documents/BeerSmith.  The current version uses /Documents/BeerSmith2. So, your recipes should still be in that older folder.

There is an import wizard that should find the recipes as long as you haven't moved or changed the directory tree.