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Equipment bug


Oct 26, 2015
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I just encountered equipment bug which deleted my custom equipment. I added from addon brew boss and grainfather just to check how they are setup and wanted to delete them from addons. When doing so they didnt disappear  co I clicked twice and it deleted half of the equipment available, those which i intended to delete and few others, same with the another addon and I ended up with empty list and I am able to replicate the problem.
You can restore them by opening up a recipe which uses that profile and then clicking on the disk icon next to the equipment profile.  This will save that individual profile to the library.  You will need to do this for all the profiles you wish to restore.

Yes but this is obviously a bug. Also I have no idea but it crashes at my computer a lot... I had no chance to try trial as it didn't work as well, the trial days were on minus and I could not start the program without license...
I see that program is great for its calculations but not so great when it comes to software development, UI and the "core" is not well build :(