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Error moving from shopping list to Inventory


Jun 5, 2020
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So I've been using Beersmith 3 for a little while now, and have been using the inventory happily to track my ... inventory!

Today I went to move items from my shopping list into the inventory - first corrected pricing to my actual purchase price and then moved the purchased items.
After looking at what got moved some items for unknown reasons are showing completely wrong unit pricing!

Example: Carared  - shopping list shows:
2lb's to purchase, unit price $1.89

After Adding to inventory:
Inventory - 2lb, price - $30.24, cost $60.48!!

For some reason a number of items did similar things in that the unit price was changed to something completely wrong.
I then tested by removing the item from inventory. went to a recipe, added the items to the shopping list, deleted from the shopping list everything but the item in question (Carared as listed above for example) edited the cost as shown above, moved the item into inventory and it added incorrectly again.

This only appears to be an issue with fermentables that I could tell. Hops and yeasts that I added were added properly to the inventory.

Am I doing something wrong or has something gone wrong with my program?


This is a bug I just corrected in the BeerSmith 3.1 build which will be out very soon.  In fact watch the top of this board
as I plan to post it as an open beta in the next few days.