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Fermenter heaters


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Dec 15, 2011
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I have the Brewtech chronical FV and the FTSS system. The heater doesn?t seem to be operating very well recently. For example my temp is set to 20c but I just checked and it?s currently at 19.1. It says it?s heating but obviously something isn?t right. Anyway. Does anybody use anything different for FV? Was thinking of just starting to use an aquarium heater and control it via thermostat.

If we want to heat the FV, it should have separate heating pipe for fermenters.
Contact with me if you are still interest on the area:)

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In my SS Brewtech fermenters and heaters there is always a small variation like this between the set temperature and the measured temp. Never more than a degree+ so I don't worry about it or I bump my set temp up a degree.

PS. Would you mind if I use your question on my YouTube channel?
Aaaah, the joys of Florida:
In the actual two or three weeks a year when it is actually chilly, the wife's 1980s mini hairdryer can be hand-held and pointed into the fermentation refrigerator for 60 seconds three or four times a day:) My idea of a fermenter heater.