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First bottling


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Feb 5, 2016
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I am in the midst of brewing my first batch and was cleaning bottles a couple days ago, and after hand washing, I ran through the dish washer. I figured, what could it hurt. Later in the day I just happened to come across something about rinse aids. Turns out I ran my bottles through with detergent that included a rinse aid which is apparently bad for head retention.

Any advice on removing the layer of rinse aid from the bottles?

I had seen something about a solution of vinegar and water, was wondering if that would be the way to go, or if there are other cleaners that would work the same or better.



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Apr 15, 2015
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Tasmania, Australia
I always fill a large plastic tub with a mix of water and bleach . 30ml ( 1oz) of bleach to 20 litres ( 5.2G ) of water let them soak in that mix for an hour or so then rinse very well with hot water from the kitchen tap. This i got from Charlie Papazian's book and it has all ways worked well for me. Just make sure it is the plain bleach with no additives.