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Formula Bug - Adjust Mash for Vol Deadspace


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Nov 10, 2014
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I've run into a strange bug on the Vols tab. edit ** I'm using version 2.3.12 on a Mac **

The 'Water Available From Mash' field is inconsistent - it appears that the calculation sometimes forgets to subtract the Lauter Tun Loss set in my equipment profile.

Example -

Lauter Ton Loss is set to .25 gallons in my equipment profile.

Mash Grain Wt = 10.5 lb
Grain Abs calculated at 1.31 Gal
Tot Mash Water Adds = 3.75
Mash Tun Deadspace = .25 Gal
Adjust Mash Volume for Deadspace = NOT checked.

Water Available From Mash calculated at 2.19 -- that makes sense. 3.75 - 1.31 = 2.19

Sparge Vol calculated at 5.06

Est Pre-Boil Vol calculated at 7.25 --that also works. 2.19 + 5.06 = 7.25

Now if I check the Adjust Mash Volume for Deadspace box I get these:

Total Mash Water Adds = 4.00
Water Available From Mash = 2.44
Sparge Vol = 4.81
-- All good. Still equals my Est Pre-Boil Vol of 7.25

Here where it gets goofy.

If I leave the box checked and click on any other tab (Session, Design, Mash etc) and come back to the vols tab I get this:

Total Mash Water Adds = 4.00
Water Available From Mash = 2.69
Sparge Vol = 4.81

2.69 + 4.81 = 7.5

Est Pre-Boil Vol still calculates at 7.25 Gal.

If I uncheck the box I get the same results as when I first checked the box

If I leave that tab and come back to it I get the same results as when before I checked the box.

Does that make sense? Would screenshots be helpful?


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Apr 5, 2003
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I'm working the current set of bugs in the next week or so - I've bookmarked this one and will let you know if I have any issues duplicating or resolving it.