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Apr 5, 2003
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This thread is intended for general discussion on home brewing.
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Evening all!
Putting together a Heritage Mild new and old. How do I update my profiles section to get the classification? I found English Mild Dark, but that is not the number I am looking for.
Any help would be appreciated!
The styles are defined by the BJCP (bjcp.org) and not me. For styles that don't fit into a single category they often recommend entering them as a specialty beer.
Thank you sir. Didn't know if by chance the style had been added outside the BJCP.
I will modify from your listing.
I don’t think so as the new style guide was just added a year ago, if you don’t have it the 2021 style guide is avail as an add on under File- addons
If you have data on what you want to make you can make your own style sheet. I have added dozens of historical styles to Beersmith.
The only hitch is that you want to set the guide field to the current guide or the style won't show up. Alternately you can create a new guide but you need to go to Options->Brewing and set the style guides to display if you want to show the entries after you create the first entry.
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