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Healthiest home-brew recipe you know?


Jan 9, 2019
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Is there a beer out there that?s really low calorie but still flavorful? What could I add to get vitamins and other good stuff in without sacrificing flavor? I couldn?t find much info on calories from hops and stuff. Do you guys know or could you design a beer recipe that would be relatively healthy and tasty. Low alcohol and small grain bill with lots of hops? Whatever you got let me know I?m very curious and excited!
low calorie would probably be targeting a 7lb grain bill. If you also want a high hop content, I would suggest an IPA, or you could go with a version of a pilsner with a high hop count. From what I have seen, lager yeast tend to eat up more sugars than their ale counterparts. Dark grains such as roasted barley and black patent do not have any fermentable sugars, so maybe adding some for flavor could help. Extra vitamins etc would have to be introduced with adjuncts. You could even throw some vitamins in. they usually have some sort of buffering ingredient as well, so it would change your water profile a bit.
Best thing to do is use the BeerSmith recipe builder and watch your caloric changes as you add and subtract ingredients.
Good luck
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I think the best variants may be hybrid ales (kolsh) and cream ales, as for low calories. The chances to get "vitamins and other good stuff" may be with fruit, however, that will require residual sugar to taste good.

Adrian Altenburger
There's actually many ways to "lighten" the caloric content of beers, adding enzymes to over-attenuate being one.

I'd say a lambic with b-gluconase or something added with a light body mash at 145 could create a beer with a fg of .990 or lower perhaps, consuming all of the sugars possible.

not something I care to spend my time figuring out though :)
Low calorie does not mean healthy. Something being healthy is a bit dubious. Foods are arguably nutritious but reducing a calories in beer are neither healthy or not healthy. Just less calories.

If I drink a 5% ABV 2 carb, 100 calorie hard seltzer,  there is no significant difference than 2 carb, 100 calorie 5% ABV Cream Ale.

I'll argue and imbalance of sugars and simple carbs, compared to protein intake,  is unhealthy. Or 8 carbs, 150 calories 5% ABV beer just as healthy as long is it is balance with the other sugars, carbs and calories and not just piled on. Skip the fries and have 2 beers! W00T!

I reduce carbs, sugars, gluten and, as a by product, calories in all my beers.
yes.. we all know health isn't general calories, but hey... just a thought.

one could question if beers such as lambics are healthy because of the bacterias present. I made a "superfood" beer once with Acai, goji berries, pomegranate, and blueberries... was it healthy? heck if I know, but it was pretty tasty.