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HEBS Brewing


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Sep 15, 2023
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Outside of individuals WITHIN IDD, does anyone have any insight, tips or knowledge on how to "hone in" a HEBS?! This is a new chapter in my brewing career and it has been an experience and a half. I know we can make good beer on it. I'd just like to brainstorm with any of you beautiful souls to help me and my new family hone this in!

Hi David, I'm in the same boat here, just got hired on at a place with a HEBS and was hoping to find some info on modeling the system in Beersmith. I'm slowly getting a few things figured out based on the recipe(s) in Beer30, but it's interesting there's not much info out there on using Beersmith and a HEBS setup. Cheers!
I’d just get on with it and document all progress based on your procedures then add your confirmed expectations (interpreted results) to BS. It’s how it works, right? 😬