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Hello everyone!


Jan 30, 2013
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Ketchikan, Alaska
I've been a long time Promash user and now that I have a Win8 64bit pc I can't use it anymore since it's a 16 bit application and this new pc just says, "No."
Switching over seems fairly straight forwards and intuitive, but converting my old database to this format is a bit cumbersome. But, that's okay. We have to move forwards, don't we?
I live in Alaska and taught myself this fine art in 1992 before I moved here from Detroit. Since I love this hobby and craft, I attended the Seibel course in Chicago and Munich to improve my brewing skills and increase my exposure to the greater world of beer and also to meet other professionals from around the world.
Today I find myself building a brewery here where I live and have a good shot at making some really nice product for the greater good of Alaskans and maybe some other places in the Pacific Northwest.  :p
Good to meet you all and please add me to your friends list too!

Baleen Brewing Co LLC
Ketchikan, AK