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Hello From Indiana!



New to the forum. I have about 8 batches under my belt, but just purchased BeerSmith. I have so far done only extract with grains, but it is still great beer!

I do have a couple of questions...... I have a Sam Adams Summer Ale clone recipe that uses rice solids. I can't find rice solids in the database. Has anyone entered them? And if so, what were the values?

Also, I have noticed the difference in OG for extract vs. partial mash. I have always steeped. Maybe I'm doing something right, or maybe it's just clean living, but I seem to get pretty close to the estimated OG for partial mash. Of course, when I steep, I have them crack the grains, I put them on the bag, steep around 153 for 45 minutes, and constantly move the bag up and down and make sure the water is circulating. Any ideas what I'm doing right?

Thanks, everybody! This should be fun!



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Mar 14, 2008
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I have heard of flaked rice, rice solids, and gelatinized rice. Flaked is where they mash the rice flat, rice solids are just plain rice, and gelatinized is preboiled rice (like Minute Rice) I would not use plain rice without soaking them first. Personally I always use the generic version of Minute Rice. I created a gelatinized rice grain using a copy of flaked rice same spces. I have attached a copy of the rice.bsm to this post.

Keep up the good work!




  • Rice.bsm
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Thanks for the response, Preston. The rice solids I'm talking about are in a powder (dried) form. I suspect they are rice syrup solids, but this is the only time I've used anything other than malts......

If anyone has any information on them, what I've got, and how I can enter them into BrewSmith, I'm all ears!