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Hello from Swindon, UK


Sep 28, 2019
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Hi there,  my name is Mark and I am a relatively new home brewer. 

I guess, like most people, I started out with extract kits.  Whilst these were OK, I always wanted to have a go at all-grain brewing and was originally put off by the apparent complexity of the brewing process and the amount of equipment that was needed.

My home brew journey started when I had a bout of the 'flu earlier in the year and spent a lot of time googling the subject and watching you-tube videos on home brewing.  I came across some videos of the Grainfather system and thought that was the system for me.  I subsequently raided my savings and am now the proud owner of the Grainfather and a sparge water heater.

So far, I have made 5 all-grain brews: a Hefewiessen, which won 1st place in an informal Oktoberfest competition at my local home-brew club; a Timothy Taylor Landlord clone; an experimental rhubarb and ginger saison; a California common; and a clone of a St. Austell Tribute pale ale.
I have also invested in a fermentation chamber and a kegerator, so after a fairly short time, I have a pretty good set up.
I'm new to Beersmith, having only just downloaded a trial version of Beersmith 3.  Apart from a couple of niggles, I like the software and I can see it complementing the Grainfather app very well.  I'm not wedded to the app: it adds value to the Grainfather but I am quite happy to brew manually as well. 

I get an immense sense of satisfaction brewing beers which are as good, if not better than most commercial offerings.  My friends and neighbours seem to agree too!

My other hobbies are photography and swimming.  I have just successfully completed a 10.5 mile end-to-end swim of Lake Windermere, the longest lake in England.  Time for another beer!  :)

Best wishes,