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Help Me Understand How the Ingredient Library Works


Dec 14, 2006
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I have been using BeerSmith for a couple of years....love the program.  I brew extract so I don't use it to it's full potential but it's great to have a record of every beer I have brewed.  To this point I have only brewed kits but I am going to try and make a few recipes and want to clean up my ingredient library a bit but need a better understanding of how it works.

1.  If I change a current ingredient that I have used in the past, for example a new value for color, will it go back and change that value in all of the recipies that used that ingredient or just those going forward?  It appears to me that it only changes those going forward.

2.  Sometime ago I found a file, honestly don't remeber where, that was all of the Northern Brewer kits.  I imported this file and while looking at the ingredients in some of the recipes it appears that not all of them are in my ingredient library....does this seem correct?

3.  If I delete an ingredient from my library that is currently in a recipe will it be removed from that recipe?

My thought is that when you are working with a recipe and pull an ingredient from the library you are basically copying that ingredinent from the library as is at that time, from that point on there is no longer any connection from that ingredient to the library....is that correct?

  You have got it - the recipes contain a complete copy of the ingredients they use - this is done for a variety of reasons not the least of which is the fact that people like to share recipes, and not have them change when going from computer to computer.

  So if you change an ingredient in one of the ingredient views it will only change the recipes you create/modify after that.

  Some recipes online were imported from other programs or use people's personal ingredient profiles.  Likely this is the case with the recipes you imported.  However if you think you might use an ingredient in the future there is a button when you open a recipe to save selected items to your ingredient database ("Add Item to My Ingredients" in any open recipe).

Hey Brad:

I did a search for "Copy Ingredient" and this post seemed to be the best fit.

I imported a recipe and there are ingredients in it (spices, etc) that I would like to add to my Ingredients database.  I'm using the current version of the program (obviously), so where do I find: "("Add Item to My Ingredients" in any open recipe)" as you've stated in your post.  I realize this post is v1.4 but where is it now in 2.x?

I selected the item and right mouse button clicked it for the context menu, I looked at all the menus, and I looked at all the toolbar buttons but could not find it.
It's on the Recipe Screen, left of your list of ingredients. It's called 'Save Item'

I'm logged in and can't start a new topic on any page. All I can see is current posts and reply. Can anyone tell me where the "new post" icons are? Thanks
Goto a single forum. At the top about the topics you should see a series of buttons. The first button is "new topic"