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Home Brew Supplier based in Northern Ireland


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Oct 22, 2013
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We are a family run home brew supplier based in Northern Ireland, we have been established since April 2013 and we are championing a #homebrew revolution in Northern Ireland. We supply home brew equipment, home brew kits and ingredients to the whole of Ireland and the UK.

We are passionate home brewers ourselves and we are keen to learn plenty from you guys and girls on this forum. We aim to be beginner friendly and are very keen to help get new comers brewing their own with ease. We pride ourselves in having first class customer service.

We need folk to brew successfully time and time again so that they return to us, without you doing that we wouldn't exist so that's why we try to provide a first class service. We are always working on new projects and trying to bring about improvements for the home brewing community. We also have some quirky and unique projects like our wagyu beef project.

We supply home brew beer kits, cider kits, wine kits, home brewing equipment and hops and grains. We also have some fantastic personalised labels for your home brew wine

We do free delivery over £70 to the UK and Republic of Ireland and always try to bring you awesome value for money, see what you think of our website http://www.geterbrewed.com/