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Hop and Trub losses


Mar 9, 2018
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Coffs Harbour, Australia
Besides trying to brew the perfect beer the other holy grail for me is reducing the above.  As a small batch all grain brewer, I see two litres of trub in my fermenter, I rationalise it is three 650mL bottles of my new favourite hobby that will not get drunk.  I have also read Brad's 2017 post on the Anvil attachment to reduce hop and trub volumes.  Looking at the pictures the holes of the stainless mesh tubing seem quite large and wonder how efficient the filtering is ??.  I currently use a Mangrove Jack's hop basket which doesn't seem to catch a great deal, hence my 2 L Hop and Trub losses.  In an attempt to take control and not keep throwing money trying to reduce the problem I have ordered 3, 50 micron S/Steel screens from China ( yes, I know cheap, quality of product etc etc) to get my losses down to 1/2 to 1 litre (acceptable for me)
Sorry for my vent and I realise this subject gets regurgitated frequently but has anyone got any other ideas that may help.
Many Thanks in advance