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Hop Tool


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Jan 8, 2013
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I've been trying to wrap my head around all the varieties of hops for a number of years now.  Without personal experience working with each hop repetitively, I've found it difficult to grasp how to use each one to get what I'm looking for.

While researching at http://beerlegends.com/ (who have a great resource for hop education) I dreamed of a tool like your Gravity/Bitternes/Color scales on Beersmith2Lite.  The difference would be that to get a hop recommendation one would move a dial up or down on oil/acid scales initiating a list to populate, showing the hops that fit.

For example:
Myrcene % scale    0%----------I-----------------------------100%
Hop A
Hop B
Hop C....

The list would populate live.  I also imagined information tabs, like you have with other ingredients, discussing what and why each oil/acid does what it does.

I believe it would be the first of it's kind, and immensely helpful to many (IMO).
Thanks for taking the time,

Jared Bockoff
Crude Brew Crew Homebrew Club
Torrance, CA