Hop usage with different AA amounts.


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Jun 7, 2024
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My receipt calls for a low quantity of hops with a high AA level. While the hops I have ordered is the same variety as the recipe, the level of AA is roughly 1/3 the level required. In order to achieve the required IBU’s, can I triple the quality of hops used for bittering, or will that impact the taste of the beer?
For bittering, match the IBUs in the recipe . If you run into the same thing in flavor/aroma hops, just use the same amount as the recipe calls for.
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I always have to adjust my recipes because the hops I buy are different in AA than the same hops in the BS database that I used to build the initial recipe. AA varies from one harvest year to the next so you just have to file it away in your brain that the recipe you make or the one you find will need adjusting after you get your ingredients.
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