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How can I purchase Beer Equipment from China?

Laura Houra

Apr 17, 2018
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"Low price and Bad quality" always come to mind when people at the mention of "Made in China?. Somehow, that is truly a common fact some years ago. But at this very moment, we must overturn this theory with facts. As a Chinese manufacturer with rich experience in beer brewery equipment, we witnessed its developing since 2005 to 2007 when the"craft beer" was really coming to popular. Now the beer equipment manufacturing skills are quite mature after these years developing. More and more customers purchase equipment from China, as well as some agent or re-seller in US and Europe. You can buy your beer equipment from the re-seller, that also means you will pay triple the price than buying from China directly.

And here we sincerely share some tips for buying beer equipment from China:
*Be specific and go into as much detail as you can about everything!
*Don?t write-off ideas or suggestions that they have, some are good and can be better than what you have seen before.
*Go over everything with a fine tooth comb. And then do it again.
*Visit the factory during production and be involved with process as much as you can.
*Stay in regular contact with supplier.
*Get spares and lots of them. Spare seals, elements, everything you can think of and more than you think you?ll need. Having a critical spare in stock could be the difference between brewing and not brewing for weeks.
*Build in redundancies.  For example, we designed the pipework of the brewhouse so that both pumps can do any task. If one breaks, the brewmaster can still brew using the other.
*Reference projects could helps you a lot. You could learn what you want to know about a supplier, the quality, the service, what is more, some brewing comments based on their beer equipment.

I am Laura from Shandong Tiantai Beer Equipment Co. Ltd, if you have any more questions for buying beer equipment from China. Please feel free to email me.
I would like to offer support at any time!

Laura Hou