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I Wore My Home Brewing Shirt In Public, Now Everyone Thinks I Own A Brewery!


Jul 22, 2018
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South Shore, Massachusetts
Hello all!

My name is Nick and I'm from just south of Boston, Masachusetts! I started home brewing after two years of chasing craft beer around the country, a hobby I still have a passion for. I've been home brewing for two years now, and while it started as a three-man (and later, four) operation that was intended to give the group an excuse to get together as we've aged, it's turned into a 2-person, full blown obsession that's taken a lot of time and money (as I'm sure it has for all of us), but has yielded some amazing results and great times with best friends!

We named our operation Exit 12 Brewery because the three of us were all from the same town in Massachusetts, right off Exit 12. Though most all of us have moved away, and we've yet to ACTUALLY brew in our hometown (a funny, ironic bit to the name), it's still a place I look back on fondly with amazing memories. For the past six months or so, my cousin (the 4th of the group) and I have been brewing together, thinking up creative names for beer (YoKONEzuna, for you wrestling fans!) and even more creative artwork! We started with one cooler and one carboy and have since upgraded to V3 of the Robobrew, a Catalyst, SS Brewtech bucket fermentor, Blichmann Beer Gun, multiple kegerators, and other fun toys! We just bought the membership for BeerSmith's V3 software this morning and have had a great time playing around with it. We look forward to our next brew day and will be active on the forums as well, as we've seen there's an amazing community behind BS!

As for the subject of this intro post? I had collared shirts made up for my cousin & I recently on a deal I found on facebook; four embroidered shirts for $50; a decent deal! The first day I wore the shirt, I had FIVE people (the owner of my local home brew store, a worker at my favorite brewery, etc) not only ask, but assume I owned a brewery since nowhere in our name does it say "home brewing." It's quite fascinating to admit it's just a home brewing hobby, and to see the look on peoples faces!

Follow us on twitter if you want to experience our journey through this amazing hobby with us: @Exit12Brewery

Cheers, and happy brewing!