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I'm liking BeerSmith 3


May 4, 2018
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Just upgraded but I like some of BS3 changes and I'm sure I only have noticed a few so far. One is the Batch Age field on the session tab which calculates the number of days elapsed since the batch was brewed. This Day number is also now automatically on the Fermentation Readings table.  I also like how, when using the Water tab, the brewing salt additions are added to the recipe list on the design tab.

A couple minor things, my custom Brew Steps worksheet from BS2 was not brought over so I needed to rename NewBrewsheet to New Brewsheet-orig and copy custom report over from BS2. I need to get a better understanding of the Target Profile choices when using the Water tab, don't understand the PH setting and wide swings between some of the Beer Style targets when calculating salt additions.

Hugh fan of the Mead and Cider capabilities and ingredients and can't wait to try it out on my next mead or cider.