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Important BeerSmith 2024 Hop Updates


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Apr 5, 2003
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Today I published several important hop add-ons to cover new and experimental hop varieties that have become available the last few years. This was a fairly sizeable task spanning several weeks to identify and collect information on the latest hop varieties. The main hop update adds 137 varieties, and there are over 100 additional varieties in the other add-ons.

The new add-ons available are:​

  • Hop Update 2024 - New hops that are being actively produced
  • Experimental Hops - Experimental varieties that have limited availability
  • Historical Hops - Hops that are no longer in commercial use
  • Cryo Hops (updated) - Cryo hop concentrated pellets - updated with latest varieties
  • Lupomax Hops (updated) - Lupomax concentrated pellets - updated with latest varieties
  • Hop Update 2020 - This one was updated a few years ago but it is recommended for BeerSmith 3 users since you may be running the 2018 baseline for hops depending on when you installed

Installing from the Desktop and Mobile Versions​

From the Desktop and Mobile Versions: You can go to File->Addons and then select Hops under the "Show Plugins For" field and it will display the add-ons. Select the add-on on the left side and click the Install button to install it. For the Cryo and Lupomax updates you should uninstall the old add-on and then click Install to install the new one.

You can also access these from the Ingredient->Hops view, and then click on the large Addons button on the big ribbon bar.

Installing from the Web Version​

For the web version the main Hop Update 2024 has been preloaded into the Base hops so you don't need to install it. The remaining addons are available if you go to Ingredient->Hop view and click on the Manage Preloaded button where you can check the boxes for the additional add-ons you wish to install.

I hope you enjoy the new hop update, and thank you for your continued support!

Brad Smith, BeerSmith LLC
Should I uninstall the old Hop Updates, like 2016 and 2018 or any older than 2020?
No you don't have to uninstall any of the old ones unless you are seeing duplicates.