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Inconsistency with date field format and Fermentation Data time field input


New Brewer
Oct 8, 2016
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1.  I have noticed in both Beersmith2&3 a problem with the display of recipe date input fields. Specifically, regardless of the date format selected in the Options dialog the format of the recipe date input fields remains mm/dd/yy regardless of whether the date is typed in or selected from the drop down panel. The preview panel, on the other hand, always shows the date format selected in Options. While usually only a nuisance, today I wasted a significant amount of time working out why my Fermentation Data entries would not show up in the fermentation graph because the brew date was being interpreted as being last 9 May instead of 5 August. The OS locale and input format settings are set up correctly for my location (Australia)

2.  When inputing the time into the Fermentation Data panel, input from the numerical keypad is not accepted. Only the qwerty number keys are accepted. The Numlock key is ON. All other numeric fields in the recipe tabs take input from the numeric keypad, as expected. Also, the Tab key will not migrate the focus to the time field/s. After double clicking the hh: field, only the R&L arrow keys will move the cursor unless the full hh:mm:ss value is typed in.

Is there a fix that I have been unable to find?