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Issue when adding water with minerals


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Dec 3, 2017
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Good afternoon. I ran into an issue with the water profile tool today.

I've entered my base tap water in as a water profile and have created a series of water profiles for different beer types. I just received an updated water report from the city and updated my base profile. Using that profile I went through each of my custom beer style water profiles and re-matched my tap water to those endpoints. Obviously this changed the necessary mineral additions when I save those totals to the target.

The updated, corrected mineral additions show up in the ingredient profile for each water setup but when I add the water to my recipe and elect to include the mineral additions it adds the old amounts of minerals from before I updated my base and custom profiles. Any ideas?

You may have more than one water profile with the same name. BeerSmith indexes all profiles from only the name field. You'll need to either delete the old versions or rename them.

As an aside. If you're seeking greater accuracy, getting a water sample analysis about every 3 months will help you refine your water more accurately. Water quality reports are composite averages over their entire district, for a year. Various places within a district may have different sources and ratios from others. The report may encompass sources that are transient to your location, or not used at all.
I only show one listed in the ingredients tab. Do I need to open and edit the .bsmx file? If so, which one?

Also thanks for the suggestion on sending out water tests more regularly. Fortunately I do have a single consistent source (the giant pipe going out into Lake Michigan) but it would be interesting to trend out seasonal differences in mineral levels.