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Love BeerSmith Mobile



I just wanted to say I had time to mess around with the app today and love it. It's just what I was hoping for and then some. I am running it on the Kindle Fire and although it froze on me once, it could have been my kindle and not the app because it happened only one time, and it was while adding a custom ingredient. I wanted to just give a heads up to Lite users that if you do upgrade, your recipes you already have transferred will carry over into BeerSmith Mobile. Something I was hoping would happen. It is also worth the 10 minutes to go into the help section and view the help options. It will tell you how to transfer over many of your custom settings like your equipment, your mash schedules, custom ingredients, aging profiles, and so on. At first I was thinking I would have to manually re-enter all that but transferring it was easy enough. Great Job on this Brad.


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Apr 5, 2003
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Thanks - I'm very happy the first day of the launch has gone smoothly.  I've had very few problem reports and most users seem pleased.