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Maple Sap



Hello all,

I am going to use maple sap as water replacement in my next batch. I am not too sure how should I add maple sap to beersmith for my brew calculations...

Maple sap is very clear when taken from the tree, but darkens when boiled (boiled for 60min it should be very light in color). AFAIK, it contains about 2% sugar in solution. BYO states (http://byo.com/referenceguide/grains/grains5.html) that the color is 3 LVB and gravity is 1.009.

How should add this in Beersmith, knowing that I am using a volume (batch size) of sap, but that I must enter the amount in weight? Should I figure out the weight of the sugar in the maple sap for one Litre, and multiply that by the total volume of maple sap that I will use?  ???



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Nov 10, 2004
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Put tyhe % sugar in the "Dry Yield Fine Grind" box.

In BeerSmith you can do math in the qty entry box, so enter 8.34*5 for 5 gallons

(1 gal of water weighs 8.34 pounds)