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Mash profile probs


Jan 30, 2011
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Eugene, OR
Hi. I'm sure the program does it, I just can't figure out how.

I'm doing a pretty big beer, DIPA 1.090 OG.  I'm trying to do a single infusion, med body mash.  The system defaults to 158 mash.  When I adjust mash temp down to 150, I get an error that my mashout won't work because temp needed for mashout is above boiling, and it says 'Add Water!'.  If I then just keep adding Mash Out water til it balances, I end up with a ridiculous amount of water that seems like WAYYYYY too much, so I'm batch sparging essentially, not fly like I want to.

Am I just a noob All_grain brewer doing something I shouldn't, or do I not have something set right, or?????

Thanks for the help.