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Multi user license ?


Popeye Kurt

Hello Beersmith and all fellow brewers, and Merry Xmas..

How many user can there be on one license?

What I mean is:
We are a group of brewers.
but we can not always brew together.
could we buy one license so we are one "brewery" sharing our log and recipes in one place...

What i am looking for is:
to buy one license for my XXXXXX-brewery
and register 3,4,5,6 users to the same brewery
so we can be logged on at the same time, write on the same recipe. for the same brewery..

And we could then have the option to be named xxxxxx of .... XXXXXX-brewery

Or as a minimum one license, and the possibility to add users with our separate usernames to one brewery and one cloud space... one log where we can make our brew listed with our own batch numbering...?

if one pays 27.95 for one user.... make it 34.95 for 3, and 44.95 for 9 users to one license ... or something like that....

Anybody else like this idea?

Popeye Kurt from Norway