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My broken record request: Mobile Inventory Sync

Baldhead Brewer

Sep 20, 2013
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I was excited to see the 3.1 Beersmith Mobile release. Glad that this app is getting continued development. Unfortunately, the feature I, and many others, have been requesting for years, hasn't made it into the software, which is the ability to sync my inventory with the mobile app through the cloud. I don't currently subscribe to Beersmith, but if inventory sync were part of the cloud subscription I would do so in a heartbeat. Like many other people, I have a mobile phone and a tablet. I want to be able to design recipes from my inventory on my iPad while I sit in my living room and not have to boot up my desktop in my study. I want to be able to pull up my inventory from my phone while I am at my LHBS. I want to be able to update my inventory from my brewing area on the tablet instead of writing all my ingredients down on paper and having to re-enter them on the desktop. In fact, just two weeks ago I finally got tired of waiting for this feature for so many years, and am now trying out Brewfather, which holds the entire database in the cloud for subscribers. I am currently doing a month-by-month subscription and am mixed on the interface. But the ability to reference my inventory on mobile has already shown great benefits. Honestly, I would prefer to stay with Beersmith's system if I can, so I ask again that mobile inventory sync be implemented.