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mylar vacuum sealer



I bought a Sinbo brand vacuum sealer for hop storage.  There's not many will vacuum and also seal mylar like this one claims but fails.  It vacuums very slowly, it has 9 heat settings for the seal but none work for long on mylar, they all lose vacuum after just a day or 2.  Tried to return it, vendor ignored me, so Amazon credited me.  Works great on standard bags but that's not what I want.   

Can anyone recommend one they have that vacuums and seals well?


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Mar 16, 2013
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New Hampshire, US
Really?  Which model?  I have one that has been working well with the mylar bags with a heat setting of 6 or 7.  Vacuum sealed and still holding months later.  Maybe there is something wrong with the heating wire in yours (or maybe mine and I just got lucky?)


Glad your having good luck.  Which model you have?  Mine was a "NEW !! UPGRADED MODEL SINBO DZ-280/2SE Wide Seal for Mylar Bags ".  It came with some standard clear foodsaver bags.  I ordered 3.5 ml gallon bags and 4.3 ml  quart bags.  Maybe its the thickness?  But on 9 heat the mylar almost melts on both sizes. I tried every setting from 1-9.


Thanks OG.  The DZ280 works perfectly.  I must have got a bad one with the other model.  Only wish it was wide enough to reseal factory bags from hops direct.