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New member from Romania



Hi everyone,

I am Alex and I am from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (yes, that is in Transylvania  :) ).

I am a homebrewer for a few months only and I have right now my fourth batch fermenting. Given the fact that I cannot find most of the equipment and ingredients here, I have to import a lot of stuff, so this is a rather expensive hobby for me. I was able to find a big pilsener malt producer (in another distant corner of the country), so buying a small amount of malt at once (100 kg) dropped my expenses dramatically so I switched to all-grain brewing right from the second batch. And, of course, I immediately ran into trouble with all-grain, hence my lack of experience.

And that's why I turned to the expert's forum: Welcome me.  ;D

I would also like to know if there are any other romanian homebrewers around, especially in my region - Cluj country and Transylvania in general, or am I a lone wolf here?

Nice to meet you, guys.

    Welcome to the BeerSmith forum. What type of all-grain are you doing, fly sparging or batch sparging?
I've done extracts and partial mash for a while now but my next batch is going to be all-grain, I'll be batch sparging my next batch. Welcome to the forum.
welcome Alex I'm a homebrewer from Israel. Here the homebrewing scene is relatively new but develops very fast although we experience also some shortage in materials (relatively to US). I visit Romania very often and until now I was sure there is any homebrewing what so ever in Romania. May be you are really a lonely wolf  :(. I would like to here more from you and if you found some collages. good luck.

Actually I don't know what sparging I do - that is ... I thought there is only one kind of sparging...
I bought a plastic lautering bucket where I place all the mash contents and after all wort dripps off, I throw hot water over it and let it drip off again. Is that called batch sparging? :D

    Yes, that's called batch sparging. BeerSmith has some great articles on this method of sparging that give some great ideas for improving the batch process. The BeerSmith article was posted on March 9, 2008 and I think it's a great article.