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New Member writing from Houston, Texas


Bier Liebhaber

I started brewing beer in 1997 in Bremerton, WA. while serving in the Navy. The water was wonderful and untreated, coming from a deep well supplying the city. I grew hops and made wonderful brews. Later, I was transferred to Spain where again I grew hops and brewed beer. Quite a few home brewers living in Spain during that time. Now I am retired Navy and moved back home to Houston, TX.

My efforts in brewing led me to decoction. I loved the results but decided the labor was not worth five gallons. I am now building a one barrel home brewery, and I hope to have the brewery on line by the end of the year.

Again I am growing hops and suffered disappointment with the conditions in Houston so far. First year started great and ended in disaster. Second year, no spirit for it. This year, another attempt and so far, progress. My report for the second year of growing in Washington, I harvested four pounds of hops that dried into one pound. First year of growing in Rota, Spain, living 200 meters from the Atlantic Ocean, repeated same harvesting results of Washington State with one less rhizome.