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Newbie - Desktop data issue right off the batch


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Dec 5, 2023
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Been brewing mostly extract for a year, but I've got it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me an all-in-one in a few weeks. So, I needed more robust recipe organization and design capability and took advantage of the recent discount.

Started messing with the desktop software yesterday and got a great feel after a few tutorial videos and just clicking around a bunch. Created one each profile for equipment, fermentable, carbonation, mash, and water. Made a recipe from all these profiles that still needed a little polish, but was a pretty solid work. Closed the software. Opened it back up four hours later, and everything I created was gone. I found a bsmx file in the Archive directory with the recipe, but the profiles are nowhere to be found. It's a little frustrating, since I wasn't expecting to have to recover from a backup the second time I opened the software. What's the secret here?
Describe the steps you took when you finished making the recipe? Did you exit out of the recipe by clicking on the [x] in the recipe window, did you click on 'save and exit', or just by closing the program?

Another thing to check is if you saved the recipe to the cloud instead of on your computer.
Hi, I had had my recipe tab opened and closed several times via different methods in the session, but it was open, I believe, when I just shut down the BeerSmith program via the Windows [X]. The recipe was not in the cloud, as I had seen that empty directory in my exploration, and I recollect my recipe being in with the BeerSmith Samples folder. I don't remember any of the profiles I created being open in tabs when I shut down the program though. They should have persisted.