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Newbie problem - Non-starting fermentation


New Brewer
Mar 22, 2016
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Hi everyone, hoping for some advice on a rough start to my second brew!

I got a three gallon batch of extract pale ale chilled to pitching temperature in about 15 minutes. I pitched a rehydrated sachet of Safale S-04 English Ale yeast into wort at 62F. I know this is nearer the bottom of the range than the top, I was aiming for a free rise. The ambient temperature in the storage cupboard where I keep my fermenter is a pretty stable 68F. After 24 hours I've got no krausen at all but I do have a pretty thick layer of sandy coloured sediment in the bottom of my fermenter that looks awfully like a trub cake.

I got a much better chill this time than on my first brew where I pitched near the top of the range and that fermentation started very quickly (but didn't taste great which I think was partially down to yeast stress from bad chilling). This brew was also my first time using Irish moss and with having chilled fairly well could this be my coagulated protein mess in the bottom?

What would people advise in terms of how long to wait to take action and what action to take (presumably starting with a gravity test, but what if there's been no activity)

Thanks a lot!