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Partigyle Calculations


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Apr 7, 2017
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Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it yet but it would be nice to be able to put together at least a 50/50 partigyle split. I am tackling a 10 gallon recipe ending up with two different 5 gallon batches this weekend and I have had a dickens of a time making all the calculations and then trying to keep them straight in my Beersmith recipes.

I found a formula on another forum for determining the OG's of each runnings and what OG I need to target my 10 gallon mash but then trying to put together a recipe was a bit of a chore in Beersmith. I ended up making three separate recipes - one 10 gallon master batch to figure out the overall size of my grain bill to match my overall OG. This one contains no hops since each runnings will be boiled and hopped separately. - Then there is another recipe for the big beer mainly to figure the hop additions. I did include a grain bill because I plan to add some invert sugar to the boil so I had to know how that would affect things. - And finally a third recipe for the small beer to calculate the hops for that one.

I'm not sure if those functions are something that can be streamlined into the software or not but it would be nice when creating a new recipe if there were a partigyle check box that would make some of the calculations for you.