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Priming with cane sugar and krausening (priming with wort) Pls Help


Feb 14, 2009
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Bogota - Colombia
Hi Brad

I'm sure you can help me on this one!

I have been priming my beers with cane sugar, I use the same amounts of corn sugar suggested in beersmith priming calculator. I always measure my sugar by weight (not volume) but sometimes they have been over-carbonated and sometimes under-carbonated, my past brews were the typical 5Gal batches so it didnt matter much if got a highly carbonated batch, but now I bougth a 20 Gal B3 Brewing Sculpture) and I'm using 20Gal Fermenters and I cant afford this risk. In the time I am fermeting 80 Gal and they're about to be ready for bottle conditioning (by the way It's amazing how accurate beersmith works my new equipment!! you guys did the job well!). two of these batches are german styles so i'm trying to strictly follow the reiheitgebot so I saved 5Lt of the same wort and froze it for further krausening (carbonating), my problem is that I dont know how much wort to add and the beersmith calculator has'nt got any information on carbonating with wort. I'm a heavy user of beersmith, even dependent . I would really appreciate if you could help me clear out some doubts I have:

  • Why Does beersmith hasn't got cane sugar on the priming calculator? is there a specific reason?
  • Is it ok to take the recommended priming weight of corn sugar and add instead the same amount of cane sugar? if it's not fine to make this, what is the formula for adding cane sugar?
  • Why Does beersmith hasn't got Wort on the priming calculator? is there a specific reason?[/
  • What would be the correct amount to add a specific volume of wort taking in hand the SG of the krausening wort? is there a formula for doing this?

Thanks a lot!



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Apr 5, 2003
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  - Most brewers don't recommend cane sugar for priming, but in general I think you need about 5% less cane sugar than corn sugar.
  - Around 5% less by weight for corn vs cane.
  - I'm adding additional options for priming in a future version of BeerSmith.  Many brewers krausen with DME however for simplicity because it is difficult to maintain sterile wort between batches.
  - Use the fermentation feature to calculate the equivalent amount of DME needed first for your batch.  Then you can create a mini batch of beer with that amount of DME in it and just adjust the volume of the mini-batch to match the SG of the wort you are using for krausening.  This should give you the volume of wort to add as you are adding the equivalent amount of wort sugar (maltose in this case).