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Racking/Auto-Syphon Tubing.


Grandmaster Brewer
Master Brewer
Feb 20, 2012
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Amsterdam, NY
[size=10pt]Beware:    I had 3 Cornelius keg batch. As consumption progressed, the remaining kegs (1 1/2) contaminated by day 40. Not having a batch go bad in 75+ brew sessions, I reconnoitered, my Starsan mix was 2 months old made with RO not distilled water and my vinyl auto-syphon hose had an ugly beery chemical odor even after PBW cleaning. I change my vinyl every year, so it was time. I went to my brewing supply spare parts foot locker, and was shocked at the intense nasty chemical odor when I opened it. Source: The vinyl roll I had purchased from the #1 retail hardware distributer  in the country.(the #2 has the same). Made in China!  So the trip begins to the LHBS where there has been a large wooden spool of vinyl for 15 years. Slight odor but doable. OK, I got home and ordered a 10 ft. length of 1/2" ID  5/8" OD tygon PVC dairy/beverage grade. Pricey, and it is amazing how if your fortunate you can build a system worth $$thousands$$ and you cheap out on buying an eighty eight cent jug of DW and a racking hose!
I just can't wait for the replies: I used the same hose for 10+ years. Luv ya brothers & sisters......Protect the cold side!