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Recipe design navigation buttons - not really a bug but...


Feb 25, 2011
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Great job Brad, brilliant improvements all over the board. After using it for an actual brew last weekend, I'm overall very happy with BS2 :D Thanks for all your efforts

This is more of a feature request/adjustment than a bug, but I think it would help a lot with navigation whilst adjusting your recipes. At the moment, the navigation bar within the recipe editor disappears out of view when you scroll down editing recipe options...


Then to switch from say "Yeast Starter" to "Mash Details" you have to scroll back up to the top of the page (using the scroller bar for the time being as the mouse wheel is not currently enabled - separate bug already posted) in order to see the navigation buttons again.
This slows down the whole process, and takes away from the whole tabbed browsing approach. If it was permanently visible, just like the recipe name and the "Help, Save As, OK, Cancel" buttons are then recipe design would be much improved :)