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Removing ingredients from inventory


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Sep 12, 2023
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I was wondering if there was a way to see if you've removed a recipe's ingredients from the inventory. I couldn't remember if I'd done it after my last brew so I decided to just click remove from inventory anyway thinking something would pop up if I'd already done it. It removed the ingredients without any warnings leaving me actually none the wiser. I decided to test it so I added 5kg of golden promise to the inventory (which I did not have) and then created a recipe using just a kilo of golden promise. I hit remove from inventory and then checked the inventory and it was now at 4kg. Long story short it let me empty the inventory of golden promise without and warning that I'd already done it. Is there something I'm missing? Maybe having a little box that gets checked when you remove the ingredients would be good, or a pop-up saying "you have already removed these ingredients". Or a history function showing exactly when you clicked the button.
Can't imagine it would be a difficult feature to add considering how great the software is.
Thanks for reading :)
Yeah this would be handy, I have the same issue - did I click that already?
The help indicates it may give you a warning if you click it twice in a short time.... but it doesn't seem to.
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You can add a column (if it is not already there) in your recipe that shows your available inventory. First it will show you what is available for every item listed in that recipe... and that number will not change until you click Remove Inv. Then when you do click Remove Inv. that figure will be reduced by whatever amount you have added to that recipe. The only pop up I've found is one that warns you if you do not have enough of any particular item in the inventory.
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Workaround: I add an item to every new recipe called "inventory flag". It is a water modification so it shows up near the top of the recipe. When I remove the recipe's ingredients from inventory I delete the "inventory flag" ingredient. That way I can look at a recipe and tell whether I have removed its ingredients from inventory or not.

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