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Running Beersmith 2 under non-Debian based Linux using Docker


Dec 29, 2007
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Ashburn, VA
I'm not sure if there is an interest in this, but I was having trouble getting Beersmith to work under non-Debian based Linux, specifically Archlinux. It would run under Wine, but was a bit crashy and the fonts looked bad.

Using Docker, Beersmith is essentially running on Debian, within a linux container. It's a big download, 400+M installed, so this is not the most efficient way to run Beersmith, but so far it works great for me. The only thing not working is sound. So, if you use the timers, there is no alarm. It should be possible with Docker, I just haven't been able to figure it out; let me know if you can get it to work.

I have not tested everything, but enough that it seems like everything is working. I have also only tested under Archlinux, but if you can install Docker, it should work under any Linux.

Here is the Docker Hub repository:

Instructions for running it are there, I don't want to put that here because if I find a problem I want to just update it in one place.

You will see in the commandline for starting it, it expects you to have a $HOME in your environment, as well as existing $HOME/Documents and $HOME/.beersmith2 directories. The Documents directory allows you to have a place to save/export files, and the .beersmith2 is where the database is. If you use a different directory structure, just change those -v options on the commandline.

Let me know how it works for you either here or on the Docker site.

Just FYI, the easier way to run Beersmith on Arch is to turn the Debian package into an Arch package which you can install and uninstall using pacman. I just installed the 2.3.5 beta this way and it's running fine. Feel free to clone the build script from my git repo. You do need to install libpng12 from the AUR first.

It only takes 37 MB and no problems with alarms.

Instructions to download the build script and make+install the package:
git clone https://gitlab.com/robvdw/beersmith2-archpackage.git
cd beersmith2-archpackage
makepkg -sri

You can remove the package again with pacman -rns beersmith2


I've updated Bill's excellent work to use beersmith3. Very similar to the previous version except the script is called beersmith3.sh. The GitHub repo is at https://github.com/fooblahblah/beersmith-docker.

To use the updated version you can run the following:
git clone https://github.com/fooblahblah/beersmith-docker.git