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Saison water profile

As with most pale beers, low alkalinity (bicarbonate/HCO3), between 25-40. Calcium 75-140 ppm, chloride 150-200, sulphate 75-150. Balance chloride to sulphate (1:1). Then focus more on the yeast and fermentation profile. Hold temp at 18-19°C for a day or two (about the first 24h of active fermentation) then let it rise freely until finished. "Open" fermentation seems to work better.
Thanks for the response. So in Beersmith, the pale ale water profile options are Burton Pale Ale, Hoppy Pale Ale, and Sweet Pale Ale. You would pick one of these for a Saison?
No, I wouldn't pick one of those for a Saison, although, a Saison being a pale beer, the water profile isn't necessarily going to be too different. I suspect most people wouldn't notice much difference in something with as much character as a Saison. You can create your own Saison profile in BeerSmith. Just stay within the suggested ranges and you won't go wrong. You might want to tweak things in subsequent brews to hit your preferred spot, but it's most likely going to be within the suggested ranges. Looking at my notes, I got the water profile from Murphy & Son and I was happy with it.