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Single page brew steps form


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Feb 8, 2012
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It seems that the brew steps when printed could be shortened to one page.  There are wide margins and large titles.  I know you can produce a text report but it would be nice to have what you have now but as a single page, especially since the page break is where the hop additions are.
Thanks, I'm a new subscriber and I think the tool is awesome.  Will brew my first BeerSmith recipe in two weeks.


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Oct 8, 2011
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You will find that the brewsheet changes in length depending on the recipe, and that many of the more complex recipes will never fit on a single page. 

That said, it is possible to create your own reports.  You can start from the existing report, and modify as you desire.  The stock reports are located here (in the standard installation):

C:\Program Files\BeerSmith2\Reports

You can copy the brewsheet.htm file to "My documents\Beersmith2\reports", change the filename to something else,  and then edit the file as you desire....assuming you can edit basic HTML.   

Once you have it looking ok, you can add the report to BS2 through the options page.  Options|Reports, then "Add Report".  Give it a name, select the type as "Web Page (HTML)", and then choose the file you just created.  NOTE: the file MUST be in the "My Documents\BeerSmith2\Reports" directory you cannot place it somewhere else and "browse" to it.